Wobbly Print Bed, I can't do large prints now

The bed easily rocks forward and back, but everything is tight. The bed leveling isn’t great, and now on top of that, my bed tilts, so doing large prints on my A350 is impossible.

I just don’t even know what to do anymore. Unless I design and CNC my own bed bracket/mount that has guide wheels or something… i don’t know…

Anyone else have and solve this issue? Are my Linear modules for the bed bad?

Your carriages are loose.

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Since posting this, I’ve seen some topics about it. I’m just afraid I’m not dealing with the same thing. The only reason I say that, is videos people have taken show a wobble that suggests there’s some play somewhere. Mine doesn’t feel like loose play, but more like a flex. If there was play, I would think it would feel like there’s a start and stop point with free movement in between. With mine, everything is rigid, but I can move the front and back ends of my bed up and down.
I would say the front and back ends can move +/- ~3mm vertically. Which is a lot IMO, but there’s no hard stop, if I were to push harder, it would move more. The first 1mm or so is very easy to move, easy enough that the printer head moves it. I could push one end down some, and it will mostly return, but not 100%, so too hard of a touch and the entire level is off.

If you still think I just have a loose carriage, I’ll take your word for it and tighten it up. Thanks for your response and the guide too!

@Orbnotacus sounds like the same thing as loose carriages. Contact support no matter what, because if you open your rails without them telling you to it may void your warranty. Do you have a video of the occurrence?

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Sounds like loose carriages to me.
You’ll always have some deflection with cnc (unless you do one of the linear rail guide mods) but with laser and 3d it should only deflect when you put pressure on it with your finger. (and then only slightly)


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Right on, thanks for the replies guys. I’ll contact support.

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I’ve had this problem ever since I got my machine. Thus far I have been able to center my prints in the bed and avoid most of the problem.

I’m now trying to print a design that is 333x288. Without fail the two corners at the 333 dimension fail to print for about 30mm after y-axis direction changes.

Just curious what support said.


They sent me the same instructions that Artezio posted, and it’s my understanding that doing the maintenance yourself without first being instructed to by support, will void your warranty.

I haven’t done it yet. It’s important that I finish my current project first. It’s relatively small parts that can ride the center line so it’s printing well enough.

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