Bed raising up and down on movement?

It seems my bed is raising and lowering on movement? Is this normal? Just started noticing it in the past couple of days.

i also realized this just now, when i used the cnc function… i did a first pass, in some area the tool dig in to much… after the first pass i figured now it’s clear going from now on for the rest 5 or 6 pass left over, but no… every pass a tool was digging in other areas, finally on the forth pass a tool got stock, spindle won’t turn and the head start pushing the material out of the clamps. i only run each pass 1mm deep… the table is almost like wobbling

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Your carriages inside the rails are loose

i checked that, it seamed ok, but just to be safe, i tork a little on it tomorrow … thx for the tip

So you’re saying you opened up the rails and tightened them?

no… i just check the table carriage with hand to see/feel if it’s lose, but i don’t felt any wobbling, so i dint go any further, just shot a machine off​:joy::man_facepalming::man_shrugging:

Contact support and they’ll tell you whether or not to open the rails. I think it breaks warranty if you open them without them telling you to.

This is what I mean by carriage sliders.

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Thanks! I have email support, just waiting on a response.

yeah i dint take anything a part yet,… only checked the carriage (table) by hand…
thx for the replies :wink::+1:

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what i meant is, i checked the carriage what we have to screw to the lead screws and ad the waste bird on top of that. not the actual small square slider :joy:
i called carriage the mesh we use to screw the heat bed, laser panels and cnc waste board on.
it was a misunderstanding in communication :joy: my fault :man_facepalming:
the sliders and ball screw section i never touched yet… it’s a brand new machine… i should have to touch any of that…
however the mash table can com loose from the “carriage “ that’s what i meant about re torking​:blush::+1:

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