Wiring Clamps for X & Z Axis

Just some simple clamps to keep wiring nice and neat. I printed on side. The width of the wire are different for the z wire and the x wire so there are two different models you can print.


I love it! Thanks! Nice work, as always.
https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4631055, since I didn’t see a link.


Thanks I forgot to add.

That looks cool… I flipping hate wires… my prusa is much neater than the SN2, so thanks for these. Ill download them and knick them out. : )
I sorted the wires out underneath with double sided 3M BVM tape (the suggested ‘tie wrap’ solution was never going to cut it…), such is my OCD when it comes to loose wires… :roll_eyes:

Thanks, stay safe eh!