Will not honor warranty

Hello all, Here is an email I had to send to soapmaker. I have had the unit for 9 months and have never been able or get it serviced. Please let me know if you have had any problems getting serviced. Below is the email I sent.


I have written you a few times about my snapmaker A350. I bought this in march and have never been able to use it. I bought the enclosure, A350, and the rotary unit. You wanted pictures and I sent them to you. Then I was told where I bought the Machine would be responsible for the warranty and service of my machine. Machine shark is where I bought and they refuse to fix it. They want me to send them pictures which I did and they told me I need to install the latest firmware from a USB stick. Which I did and no change then they wanted pictures to show how I upgraded firmware. I am not a child I have had a few 3d printers and have had a computer repair company for a while;e so I do know my way around technology.

My machine turns on but won’t calibrate it goes way too far to the left then tries to dig through my bottom plate My unit on the LCD screen says its an A150 not an A350.

Why won’t you honor your warranty and fix my machine? Please resupond and let me know if you are going to honor your warranty. I should not have to send videos and pictures. I am basically doing your job troubleshooting. I lost both my legs in an accident AND sunk all my money in your equipment trying to make some money. I haven’t made a dime on this dead machine! Please let me know if you are going to honor your warranty

Sorry to hear about the problems you’re having.
Unfortunately SM doesn’t really show up on this forum anymore except to post firmware updates. While SM support has been slow and you sometimes have to go through too many steps to get them to replace parts, they usually do. Haven’t heard of the place you bought it, and I don’t see it listed under it’s official distributors page. So not sure if it’s an authorized retailer.

I see this is your first time posting. We do have a good community of users here who have been able to help most people through their problems. Perhaps we’d be able to help you with yours and get your machine running.

If you can post pictures and videos of it’s assembly and what it’s doing (there’s a reason they ask for those.) You may have to use an offsite host because you’re a new member.



@Jimg64 unfortunately, if you didn’t purchase it directly from Snapmaker, you are required to get your service from the company that sold it to you. If the company that sold it to you is a registered reseller, and they refuse to provide service, Snapmaker will usually intervene if you provide them with that information. All other 3D printer manufacturers that I have worked with also do this, which is why I always buy direct.

If the reseller is not registered, and refuses to provide warranty service, you can try to get Snapmaker to provide such service, but they are not required to do so. In this case your only option(s) is(are) to take legal action against the reseller, or do a chargeback. Some banks will extend the chargeback window up to 6-12 months, but beyond 12 months your sole option is to take legal action against the reseller.

Best of luck!

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