WiFi link continually goes to timeout

Since cancelling a print and needing to restart the printer to gain control I am continually getting a timeout when trying to connect via wifi. I have updated the Luban software but the problem persists. Occasionally I get a link which immediately disconnects after I acknowledge on the printer screen, however if I then disconnect at the printer and try connecting again I get a small window of opportunity to send a file before it again disconnects.
Any ideas as I’m at a loss as what to do next.

When I finally manage to get a file to the printer it is dated 1970-01-01 – odd?

That particular date is the Unix epoch, which shows up pretty frequently, especially in Android devices.

However, it does seem like something is going wrong and it should not be showing that particular date.

You might consider filing a bug report with the developers through support.

Regarding your printer timeout, if you know how you could use a wifi analyzer app to find out what channel your wifi is operating on, there’s a couple known issues with specific channels.

You could also contact support and ask for their help as it’s clearly a bug and they should probably fix it in the software.