Why the last step of the calibration isn't automated?

My Prusa do the whole calibration without me needing to use a calibration card, in the last step. Why Snapmaker needs that? Thank you!

My guess is that the last step is for fine tuning the z-offset over all measured values.

Are there any way to make that automatic/automated? @admins

From https://help.prusa3d.com/en/article/first-layer-calibration_112364 :

The printers assembled in the Prusa factory are already fine-tuned and this calibration is needed only in case you build the kit version at home or change the nozzle.

So I guess the answer is, Prusa did that step for you :wink:

More seriously, it looks like Prusa has you do the same step using a live first-layer print, instead of using a gage such as the calibration card. You could do the same thing with a snapmaker - just hit OK to save the (very very high) default offset, then start a print and lower the Z offset until it looks right. The Z-offset setting will be saved if you do this using the touchscreen.

Mine wasn’t assembled by Prusa, was by me. @edf What’s the thickness of the calibration card? Cheers!

0.11mm, by digital caliper. It’s what shipped with the SM2. I find a 0.127mm (0.005") feeler strip to be more repeatable, but you have to acquire the knack of using it.

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