Why do my lasercuts fail?

I’ve tried to lasercut material, triplex till 2 mm thick… cardbord till 2mm thick…

Whatever I do, I can’'t make it cut using the Get Started chart here on the forum… What do I do wrong?

I’ve set up the laser multiple times with the calibration squares on the left of Snapmaker JS. they cutted instantly through paper, the hight was okay. But then. I want to cut this item for example… but it won’'t cut, also with another pass or extra run from pass 1 till the 4th time… it doesn’t.

I’m actually lost :frowning:

Have you set the parameter Fix Laserpower to On and gave it 100% for example?
This process has to be activated before generating the gcode.

Yes I did… Could it be (maybe) Inkscape? What’'s the tinnest line I have to use to make a cut? Will that be 0,001 mm or is 0,1 mm enough?

I don’t know about the line size.
Have you chosen vector mode for cutting?
Anyway it would be nice to have your gcode for testing.

I can’t upload it here?

Well, maybe I had to adjust the focus of the laser manually.

Now I tried it with the following settings and it’s alomst cut through… yoohoo :smiley:

Cirkel of 2cm diameter… speed 150, 5 passes, 0.1mm per pass. The cut is still sharp, so I make it six instead of lowering the jog speed. I guess that would be better than the bleeding I got the previous times (although that could be from the bad manual focus)