Who wants the "screen authorization" prompt removed or made optional?

I feel like someone needs to post this request daily until it gets done.

I own all sorts of 3d printers, carvers, and this has to be a pain for 99.7% of customers.

Prove me wrong.


With 1.11.4 firmware this is solved, and I think in the best way possible: When you first connect, you need to confirm once, and after that never again from the same computer. That’s perfect in my eyes, since it avoids unauthorized connections while still being user-friendly.
/me is happy!


Isn’t it once each time you cycle the printer? (Turn the printer off, then turn it back on)

Nope, not for me. Survives any power cycle yet!


Great to hear this. Especially when you are fighting to calibrate it is just one more annoyance to have to authorize everytime you power up.

I have had it ask me to reauthorize yesterday after several weeks of not doing so, am not entirely convinced they even intended to do that yet and may be even just a bug that works in our favor.

My guess would be that they set a cookie (I understand that it’s a web interface/API), and that this cookie expires after some time (30 days would be a classic).

The touchscreen (Version V1.11.4) will remember the WiFi you used last time, and you will have no need to connect it manually.

Hi @Edwin
Thnks for the clarification. Still, I think we talk about two different thing here: One is WiFi connection (Snapmaker successfully booking into the WiFi), the other is when you connect from Luban to Snapmaker then via the existing WiFi connection. In the past it was that when you connect from Luban, the Snapmaker asked for an authorization of this connection via touchscreen. When you power-cycled the Snapmaker, the next connection again would require screen authorization. With 1.11.4 Snapmaker remembers that a computer was authorized once, and does not ask again, even after a power cycle. @MooseJuice however now says that after several weeks he needed to do the touchscreen authorization again.

Thank you! Much better after the latest firmware update. However, I now seem to have wifi connection failures, something that never happened before.

Not working for me. I have the latest firmware and latest Luban, but the first time in a Luban session that I connect from Luban via WiFi to Snapmaker, I get the screen authorization prompt. The only time I don’t get the prompt is if I disconnect, but leave Luban running, and then reconnect. To eliminate the hassle, I ran via USB for a while, but realized the problem with that when I needed to reboot while Luban was controlling Snapmaker and had to wait to do the reboot until the 3D print finished several hours later.