Which slicer do you use besides luban?

Hy everybody which slicer do you use besides Luban? Orcaslicer, Prusaslicer, Ideamaker or something else?
I can’t understand certain settings well and I find other slicers more useful since they allow the management of other printers.

Imo this is the best one by far: GitHub - smartavionics/Cura: 3D printer / slicing GUI built on top of the Uranium framework

Mainly OrcaSlicer for it’s filaments and settings management and paint feature.
Cura from time to time when I need specific dual tool management such as a different material for infill.

I would love to hear what slicers others are using and what they think is missing from wich slicers. Personally I find it a little odd that a lot of slicers has 999 settings while not covering the essentials…

I use simplify 3d.
Its not bad but too expensive.
There is nearly no documentation to do proper scripting but the community is willing to help.

Over all it works but for pro users Cura is the way to go (still not there so it seems working good enough xD).

@xchrisd I’m considering to buy S3D. Do you know if it offers any good bridging control?

I would like to be able to control the number of walls (so i can use 0 walls) on the underside of the bridge as well as controllig the pattern (so I can use zigzag) and the overlap (so every line anchors securely to the wall). Like in this picture (from a cura fork with other limitations unfortunately):

Do you know if I can do this in S3D?

Mostly it depends on the print models if it’s possible or you need further tweaking or supports…

May share the STL?-I think the curved overhang could be the challenge…
There are a few bridging settings but did not much with it because I didn’t have many bridges and it seems to work pretty good if I have some…
Available settings:

  • Its possible to set the extra expansion to overlap the wall up to the infill or till the outer wall.
  • In general its not the best bridging tool.

I created a simple model for this purpose and it simply doesnt work:
It would need to print the bridge from inside out or outside in like excentric?-Not sure about this term.- I would have to use supports.

Here are the infill modes:

Hope this helps!

@xchrisd Thank you much for the review! I have seen some slicers likes to use a wall on the bottom of bridgeskin where its not needed. I want to be able to avoid that in order to make reliable bridges… Of course I will share the stl!
pp.stl (1.2 MB)

Here is what i get: (of course, many supports needed ;-))

Infill type ZigZag is not available but others which propably have the same strength.- Gyroid Infill is shown in the picture above.

Here is a picture from S3D:

Let me know if there is more i can do.

Thanks @xchrisd. It does look like S3D make bridges the best way (the way I want them). Zigzag and no unneccecary walls in the bridging skin. I’ve decided to buy it. Looking forward to testing it soon!

I use PrusaSlicer for its user-friendly interface and extensive support options. OrcaSlicer and IdeaMaker are also great choices, each offering unique features and compatibility with various printers.

I use OrcaSlicer.
After looking at luban i had to laugh hard and closed it. Only needed it for the validation process so i could use sm2uploader.