Where to put the power module with Enclosure

The enclosure takes up most of the desktop space and there’s no longer room for the power module to sit next to it. I’ve thought about putting it on top of the enclosure or even building a small shelf that extends from the edge of the desk. I’m afraid of melting the top of the enclosure if gets hot so I should probably have a heat buffer if I go that route.

Before I start to solve this problem, I’d thought I’d check in to see what others have done.

The table I’m using has a shelf under that’s open on the side. It’s on the shelf just under the enclosure.

I put it on top of the enclosure in the back right corner…

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No need to think about the heat, you can put it directly ontop safe.

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I have mine mounted underneath my tabletop with a couple brackets I printed.


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Mine’s on top of the enclosure, and of all the problems that have been mentioned here on the board, not one of them has involved the enclosure melting due to heat from the power supply. It doesn’t draw enough watts that I’d expect that to be a risk.

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I addded the wood due to the weight of the filament dryer. There is noticeable flex in the top sheet. Thought about adding a crossmember 80-20 metal profile underneath at some point to stiffen it up…

This is what I did too.

Here is what I did, works very well.

Snapmaker 2.0 Power Supply Holder by dukk - Thingiverse

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