What software do you use


Since my post in March I have moved to Simplify 3D for slicing and have learned a lot more about using Fusion 360. I am very happy with both.


I too settled on Fusion 360 earlier this year and using Simplify3D.

…and I just keep partying with my Snapmaker

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Are the features and performance actually worth the $150 investment over using Slic3r and Cura. Obviously you have spent the money but can you offer some examples of what your experience has been. What it does better than the others. Based on their website is looks great but I like personal recommendations. :grinning: Thank You.


Well, that’s an interesting question considering that $150 buys about five kg of filament.

Simplify 3D (S3D) seems to produce better quality prints in most cases. I haven’t done a whole lot of testing to confirm this but observed an improvement when I changed software - this should really only be classed as anecdotal evidence, but there are some older reviews out there which support this.

The main aspect of the software I like is the workflow improvement, both from the simple easy to use interface and the Factory Files. Factory Files hold the model and all of the settings for the development of the particular STL - they are very useful when trying to narrow down the best settings for a particular model and filament. I understand similar things are possible with other software but it’s not as easy to use.

Other software has steadily been improving and I’m not sure if I’d go for S3D based upon printing/slicing features alone. For me the ease of use and workflow improvements are the real power of S3D - your use case might not support that. Additionally, the writers of S3D are very slow on their updates (seems to be yearly only) and it’s probably due for one soon.

In summary, S3D hasn’t directly saved $150 in filament from fewer failed models, but it has saved me quite a bit of time. That’s worth $150 to me but might not be to you.


What do you use for the laser cutting? I have just received my unit in the post but am unsure how to design something to cut out


Thanks for the feedback. I’m going to look at Cura some more first but I’ll keep an eye on S3D also. I like the idea of the Factory files. I still need to do a lot of reading on 3D printing in general. It’s a fun learning process though.


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Don’t forget to look at the Snaplinks Wiki topic for many great links



Thanks @doug I new I had run across that page but couldn’t remember what is was called to find it again. I have it bookmarked now.

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I have the nozzle temp setting non existent as well, seems only to happen when I modify an stl. file in Cura or SnapMaker.


I think I have figured it out, the gcode works differently on Cura, it warms the bed up first and then heats the printhead. Snapmakerjs heats the print head first, then the bed.


I downloaded Emachine software. Its free and has tutorials how to use it. You can draw in 3D and seems pretty simple. Although I hav’nt received my Snapmaker yet I’m ready to learn… cheers


I remember checking out eMachineShop back in 2004, but didn’t have much use for it back then. I’m surprised to see it’s still around.
Unfortunately the .stl export is not quite ready for prime time (i.e. not fully operational) but it’s probably worth keeping an eye on.

Back in the '90s I (for my personal use) used to be a fan of AutoCad, starting with Autosketch, then moving up to LT, but I parted ways with Autodesk because of it’s aggresive marketing and licencing model. I’m not big on subscription licencing, so you won’t find me using Fusion360, Tinkercad or any other Autodesk products.

I do use Sketchup for most of my woodworking projects this is the standalone Maker version as I’m often working in places where I have no Internet - so no cloud or online apps for me. I like Sketchup’s ease of use, but do miss the boolean functions in the freeware. For the amount I use it however I can’t legitimize me getting the Pro version.

So I’m currently taking a look at FreeCad. I’m not totally taken with it, I find it somewhat overcomplex, and the UI is very inconsistent within itself. You can tell it’s being put together by a committee and it is rather unstable. But I shall persevere; perhaps I will also end up re-evaluating eMachineShop :wink:

As for slicers, I’ve noticed that SnapmakerJS seems to be based on the same opensource foundation as Cura and 'til now serves my purposes.