Software other than Fusion 360 (for linux)

So… Fusion 360 is not available for Linux.

What other options are available that people use?

For CNC? CAD programs are readily available, CAM programs capable of CNC toolpath generation less so, but there are some options. I haven’t tested any of the following software yet, because I’m waiting for spring, when I can move my A150 outside and dump any resulting sawdust in the backyard rather than having to deal with cleaning it up inside the house.

FreeCAD ( )—you’ll find several other people on here who have tried this one and can give you better information on its abilities and limitations

HeeksCAD/HeeksCNC ( GitHub - Heeks/heekscad: Computer-Aided Design application based on OCE and GitHub - Heeks/heekscnc: HeeksCNC is an CAM add-on for HeeksCAD )

LaserWeb ( )—despite its current name, it can generate CNC toolpaths in g-code.

There is an extended list at LinuxCNC Documentation Wiki: Cam that might be of interest. Keep in mind that it hasn’t been updated in several years, so some of the smaller projects on the list may be dead.

The tool many are using is FreeCAD. It’s going to be my tool of choice.

I made my first steps with free cad to create a modell of a House.

I ended up with f360 in a virtual machine on linux.

Free cad ist good, but unintuitive for beginners to understand the mechanics of modeling.

There are worlds between these two softwares.

For CAD, Ilike using OpenSCAD. It’s more a “programmers” CAD program, which is why I like it. Perfect for 3D printing type of solutions.

I also use it for my cnc projects, to create the models, but it has the disadvantage that it only gives you an export to STL and not iges/step or something like that. (basically it turns curves in sequences of short straight lines) If you bump up the facet count high enough.

For creating the cnc toolpaths I do use Fusion360. It’s definitely the most advanced. You could use FreeCad as already mentioned or something like pycam

Does anyone use OnShape?

Another good option might be SOLIDWORKS, however this is a paid software but is rather similar to fusion