What is the best material and setting to print 0.8 and 0.9 module gear wheels?

I tried to print with different settings. But I could not fit the planetary gear set mainly because of warping at the heated bed.
Please advice me on best material and settings.

Please upload or link the model, then we can see.

Planet.stl (384.5 KB)

Sun.stl (292.8 KB)

These are the models I am trying to print

Ring.stl (666.7 KB)

These are very small models, is it possible to scale them up to print them bigger?
I would suggest you to print with a smaller nozzle, especially the “sun” is very tiny…- If you want to do so, you need to prepare the model with another slicer or to edit the configuration of luban.-
I could provide you a gcode as well, if you give me your machine size, the filament settings and nozzle size you print with.

If you don´t want to make any change, i would suggest you to print with 1 outline and 100% infill.

But be aware, there could be holes in your print:

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@xchrisd Thanks a lot for your ideas and support.

These are the real sizes of the model. I want to print in the real size.
With Snapmaker A250 I have received one additional nozzle. But looks it is same as the default nozzle.

What is the default nozzle size of snapmaker A250?

In Snapmaker can we change the nozzle?

What is slicer ?

The Snapmaker originally uses a 0.4mm nozzle, there is one replacement hotend with the same nozzle-size in the package.

A slicer is a program like luban for 3d printing.
It prepares your model, with your settings, to g-code, so your printer could understand.
There are many slicers on the market, “Cura” is the most used one, i guess.

If you are not familiar with this and new to 3d printing i would suggest you to simply print your gears and see if they work. If they are coming out worse than hoped, you may should give it another run some time later, when you got more familiar with 3d-printing.

Hope this helps!