What happened to shape library

I updated Snapmaker Luban and the firmware on my A350 T to latest now when clicking shape library I just get spinning icon. No images nothing

I am having the same issue. Luban v4.10.1.

I am having the same issue. Luban v4.10.1.

Well, there is a way to let snapmaker know about this - Support Ticket Form

In did complete a support ticket yesterday.

I also checked some your web pages through Apple only to find out that for the most part they were not available.

At about 9:00 pm MST I when I received a Black Friday email from Snapmaker I checked again by launching Luban and the Shapes Library was back.

I was also able to update the machine firmware without a “Failed” notification.

In the future you may want to notify customers of outages on your end.


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