What do you think of the Double Z?


I’ve been called far worse. :slight_smile:

@doug gWizard is great for hobby size cnc and larger. I just hope that it can handle something like the Snapmaker CNC head on the lighter side.

I do wonder if anyone has any info on the horsepower rating or wattage rating of the CNC motor.

Seeing as how the power brick puts out 120 watts, maximum, that gives me a range to start working with. My best guess at this point is somewhere between a 1/12th and 1/10th horsepower motor. That may not sound like much compared to my 1.5 horsepower CNC machine, but my CNC machine goes up to 5100 RPM. This motor goes up to 19000 RPM and for small chips / light engraving work RPMs is a key component. We don’t have the rigidity or the ability to control tool runout very well which can both be critical for micro-bits, but that doesn’t mean the idea is dead in the water. It will be a while before I get a chance to play with cutting metal on this. For now, I’m very pleased with the 3d printing results so far and have ordered some new materials to play with. I just have an eye towards the future and I would really like to be able to engave in something soft like aluminum.



Thanks fro the informative response. Have you asked Rainie ( @Rainie ) about the CNC motor specs?

Keep having fun



if you are serious on hard core cnc cutting on the snapmaker, consider replacement of the motor with one having high speed spindle bearings, vfc (variable frequency control) drive, and possibly pressured air cooling…

the snapmaker linear drives can handle more than the spindle motor can cut (at least for long)…

vibration from cutting metal is entirely different than with plastics/fiberglass based materials… life of the spindle bearings will be short when going after metals…



Do you consider single line engraving to be hard core cutting?

3/64" end mill at 1/32" depth is a pretty light cut.


you are correct, 1/32 is light…

just go with what the machine tells ya…

(if it sounds “wrong”, it probably is…)



Any idea on when options like this will be released? Some of us really want the stupid large 3D printer / CNC machine.


Looking forward to a larger print bed. any time line on this?


my opinion on this and in general is that it is great, but the necessity of new baseplates for every configuration is the weak point of the whole ecosystem and replacing that entirely with a base made out of the non-powered structural rails you’ve designed is a much better idea for long-term survivability. the baseplates are heavy and they’re the only really non-modular part of the whole deal and it seems like kind of a waste

e: yeah like this on the CNC. any time you’re having to use a custom specific part (excluding the print heads obv) for a configuration you’re kinda failing at the whole modularity ethos you seem to be aiming for


Cube’s comment is spot on. The stronger CNC design is great, just combine it with the double Z design. Look at the larger DIY type 3D printers out there, no reason Snapmaker can’t use the same overall design. 2 Y axis motors, one X axis motor and 2 Z axis motors. Use structural rails to connect the 2 Z axis motors to the 2 Y axis motors. Perfect for a strong CNC machine w/ high power CNC module for aluminum or a larger 3D printer.

Note: When you consider the fact that duplicate motors for 1 axis would still have to move the exact same amount, I don’t see a reason why you can’t just split the output cable to move two motors. Mounting would require you to have them at the far end anyways, all powered movement would then be identical. Accuracy regardless of how you controlled the duplicate axis’ would be the same and have the same amount of possibility that the two motors are not even with each other.

Create this, and I’ll happily buy it. Oh, and I don’t see why this config wouldn’t work with the extra large motor extrusions. Build volume measured by cubic feet baby! And for far less than a 3D printer of that size. Heated bed wouldn’t be hard either.


Looks promising… need more info…


bigger, faster. please.
and make a 2.0 printing head


Hi, I’m really interessted in the Double Z. Are there any new information? When will it be available?



Ditto, I was literally just wondering if the double Z was getting any closer to release.


Hi @Rainie/@Noah - My first 3D printer and only one to date is the Snapmaker 3in1 and it has really got me interested in 3D printing. I’ve been looking for options for larger 3D printers and always come back to the CR-10 Mini or the CR-10S (because of the dual z for the precision). So if you came out with another unit, I too would also be really interested in it. I would like to see a minimum of the 225mm and ideally the height should be at least 225mm as well.

The unit should have a heat bed that can reach temperatures beyond what the current one can and maybe even quicker than the current one. I would like it to reach above 100 degrees.

I would like to see some upgrades on the current printer, particularly I would like to see it come with a filament sensor, the ability to auto-level the bed and a dedicated part cooling fan.

Lastly, an enclosure for this new printer would be nice as well :slight_smile:. I have the current Snapmaker enclosure and while it’s far from perfect, it’s a great setup.

I know a lot of this is just a wish list but I think for me, this would make it a solid machine.


any timing on this release?
bigger build platform / stronger cnc is what i’m looking for!


I think it may be more proactive to start selling spare Linear Modules, before considering a separate Double Z. The main system is already in the market, and it seems odd to not offer parts to existing users until after this.

Were this about the Delta kit, however, I might be more inclined to provide that its own packaging, given its much larger and completely different footprint.