Well, I knew it would happen

Reading the posts after purchasing the J1 I knew this would happen eventually. But suddenly both extruders start clicking and under extruding. So it looks like I’ll be spending my Sunday digging through this forum because you guys seemed to have documented it very well. It is incredibly disappointing and I’m starting to understand why microcenter had them at such a low price comparatively. I’m very grateful that this is not my primary machine. I had really high hopes for this machine but I’m not going to give up. I just wish snapmaker didn’t rest on their laurels as they do.

Scratch that. It was only the left extruder so disabled the left one and am going about my day.

Snapmaker is currently testing new hotends with some users. If I were you, I would wait and see what comes of it.

Oh, absolutely! I’m constantly checking for updates on the new Hotends.