Warped Bed what do i do?

Seems that my Heated bed is warped. the ends are higher up than the center and because of this the prints are not succeeding in printing

Took a Square and it isnt flat, the corners are warped up for some reason

Try borrowing a straightedge and look for the warpage.
I suggest removing the sticker for a closer examination.
If you get a replacement I’m pretty sure they will add a few new stickers too.

I also suspect I have a warped bed where the middle of x-axis is lower than the edges. I changed sticker, mostly because the nozzle dug a ditch after it suddenly recalibrated(!), but that did not solve the problem.

So I opened a ticket.

My bed is also warped. It is about two millimeters lower in the middle than at the edges. Ticket submitted.

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