V4.4.0 Not rendering correctly

Since I updated to the latest version none of the menus are appearing correctly.

I have uninstalled, reinstalled, rebooted several times, the result is the same. The whole of the UI is shot. Popups when they do appear are cut off on the edge of the app.

When I try to select the material type I get this -

Even on initial opening the 3D print section the menus are broken.


Please can someone take a look at this - the UI is not fit for purpose in it’s current form.


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  1. Delete .snapmaker-luban.json in C:\Users\your user name (replace {your user name})

  2. Backup folder printing in C:\Users\your user name\AppData\Roaming\snapmaker-luban\Config (replace {your user name})
  3. Delete folder printing
  4. reinstall v4.4
  5. import your settings from backup (Considering that more 3DP parameters have been added, it is recommended to re-adjust)

Thank you - that totally fixed everything for me. Much appreciated.

I followed the steps above and when I opened Luban with the original machine settings I got "Normal print only

I closed Luban
I then copied the “quality.high_quality.def.json” from the back-up to the config/print/original directory. I reopen Luban and got the following

Thus, I can do Normal and High quality.
I then closed Luban and copied “quaility.fast_print.def.json” into the config/print/original directory
and got the following

Thus, I now have Normal and Fast Print available and the High Quality option is not available.
After deleting “fast_print” the options return to Normal and High Quality.
If I change the machine to A350, my other machine, I then get:

I would like to have Fast Print option available but not have it block High Quality.

In origin we only kept the normal print. The original configuration can be obtained by adjusting the combination of layer height, speed and model structure.
ex. fast = (layer height = rough, speed = fast, model structure = thin)