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I had something similar happen on mine once, not sure why. I just uninstalled and re-installed Luban. Should look like this…

Hi Snapjehet, may I ask the version?

Downloaded and reinstalled version 4.4.0 and still have the same problem.

Now it looks like this

Have you checked under each one of those “Normal Print” icons to see if there is any difference between them? Maybe it could be that they are mislabeled custom profiles from your previous version of Luban?

The popups show the same labels as the symbols but the settings, from left to right, change from medium/fast/strong/none/brim to medium/slow/medium/none/skirt to rough/-/vase/brim to medium/fast/strong/normal/brim to fine/medium/medium/none/skirt.
The most right symbol is only one third visible (2/3 off screen)

Luban 4.4.0 running on an iMac

I am out of ideas. Sorry.

Around 10 days ago, Luban stopped showing other options than Normal printing for me as well, and even when I want to generate G-code in normal mode, it doesn’t work! so I start using Cura as the slicer for my 3D printing. But now, I need to do CNC and I don’t know any other software to make G-code for that purpose. Any idea?

Luban version: 4.4.0 - removed and installed it several times in these 10 days!
OS: Windows 10

I have Luban 4.4.0 installed on Windows 11. When the Machine is set to 350 I get the first image with options for Normal, Fast, Smooth, and Precise

When I set the Machine to Original, I have both, I get the second image with options for Norml, and Fast only with 3 for fast.

Hi guys, our R&D colleague provided the solution in another topic:V4.4.0 Not rendering correctly

Hope it works for you.

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Got a fast response from Eamon (Snapmaker Support).
for Mac
Mac Os:
macOS How to delete Snapmaker Luban configuration files

  1. Open Terminal
  2. cd /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application\ Support
  3. ls
  4. rm -r snapmaker-luban
  5. reinstall Luban.

Snapmaker Luban - Snapmaker

I personally don’t like the Terminal approach and used an easier way:

  1. In the Finder select the Go tab
  2. Click Application Support
  3. Find and drag the folder ‘snapmaker-luban’ into the waist bin.
  4. Drag ‘Snapmaker Luban’ from the Mac/Apps folder into the waist bin.
  5. Reinstall ‘Snapmaker Luban’ from (Snapmaker Luban - Snapmaker)

problem solved

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