Luban oddness since latest upgrade

Not sure how I feel about the new interface…for sure there are a ton of more options now !
Anyhow, that isn’t the question…and this was fine for the first few slices…but in the last few days, I seem to have lost the options for fast, smooth. precise and strong…so I just have normal

Odd too, that in normal, speeds are slow, medium and medium (not fast!)
If I go to the web browser…I see all options just fine

Something needs to be reset ? How ?

I have also had some serious issues with the latest release, when I click on the more print settings to do custom settings I get an error screen that says to reload the app.

I figured out how to do that, its in the window tab for some reason, however it does nothing to resolve the issue. I have tried reinstalling this version and previous ones and nothing…

I have noticed that, since moving to this version, the Remaining Time in the Job Status panel in the Workspace does not update. I’ve also had random disconnects from the printer during a print job.


And a few minutes later…