V4.12.0 toolpath issue

When trying to create the toolpath for a 3D CnC project (simple text engraving). I encountered the following error in Snapmaker Luban v4.12.0.

Something went wrong. Please reload the app.

Screen Shot attached

Search the forum for ‘Something went wrong’. I think the solution is there somewhere.

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Okay, I found this thread,

Create Path in CNC processing no longer works

It had the 99%solution to the problem if you’re running Windows. If you’re running MacOS, the file that needs to be deleted, not modified, machine.json, can be found in the following directory:

/Users/EASchmidtE/Library/Application Support/

This path had to be accessed through the Terminal window using what little knowledge I have about a Command Line interface. Trying to access this folder through the GUI Finder on my MacBook did not work because the Library folder is hidden. I used the list ‘ls -la’ to display the contents of each folder. Then, I used the change directory ‘cd’ to change into the folder that I wanted to go to until I found the file.

I tried to modify the file at first by removing the server name like the above thread said, but it didn’t work. Once I deleted the machine.json file, I was able to get past the error screen and create the toolpath for my project.

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It has been a while, hopefully you are no longer having this problem. Yes, I am running on Windows so I had relatively easy access to that file.

I was fine until just a couple of days ago when it started again. I did a reinstall and swapped out the JSON file and was still having the problem. Actually, today I found I was intermittently having the problem. Some SVG’s worked fine, others would not generate a path. I may have identified my issue. I was using Inkscape to convert my patterns from JPG to SVG. Those patterns will not work. I just ran one through Adobe’s converter online and that SVG now creates a path. Must be something odd in the format coming out of Inkscape. Inkscape has a few different variations of SVG. I guess I will have to try them one by one to see if any work.