Create Path in CNC processing no longer works

Haven’t used the CNC function for quite a while. Starting working on a project this week and had the problem detailed below. Updated Luban to 4.11.0 to see if that would fix it and it doesn’t. The error occurs no matter how I set up a project. I tried just adding a few shapes, loading an image and loading a DXF file. All with the same error. I am running Luban on a Windows 10 laptop, When this occurs I am not connected to my Snapmaker, but that seems irrelevant to me at this step in the processing - just making sure to present all the facts.

Problem occurs like this:
I open Luban and enter CNC 3-axis. In this example I loaded a DXF file in. Luban automatically sets it to vector. I hit next into process mode. My carving object is selected. When I hit “Create Path”, I get the error “Something went wrong. Please reload the app”. See screenshots below.

Anyone else having this issue? Any ideas?

No problem here. Tried a DXF and a PNG.

Which version of Luban are you running?

Did a full uninstall of Luban and reinstalled version 4.11. Still getting error on CNC. Tried laser using Snapmaker-supplied phone holder project. Getting same error when I do “Create Path”.

Not sure where to go from here

Same, 4.11.0
Try going back a version or two.

Exactly the same has just happened to me on 4.11.0
I found this cured it, no idea why:

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Just tested it on my Luban 4.11.0 installation.
It runs fine and can process an imported SVG without issues.

Installed on Manjaro Linux

I tried this and I am back in business. I agree it seems totally random that this fixes the issue. Unfortunately it also deletes a lot of stuff (settings, preferences, etc.) that are a pain in the butt to walk through again. If this should happen again, I may try to delete one subfolder at a time and restore what doesn’t fix it until I narrow it down. I’m guessing that there is some file buried in there somewhere that is getting corrupted over time (maybe even getting too large) and causing the issue.

Thanks for the heads-up!

I’ll have a go at experimenting with restoring parts of that folder from the recycle bin bit by bit to get some of the settings back and to work out what is causing the problem.

OK, I tried my suggestion above, and discovered it’s the file ‘machine.json’ in the ‘Roaming’ folder that has the problem. After discovering this I restored the whole thing from the recycle bin but replaced ‘machine.json’ with the file copied over from a new installation.

I’m having the same problem right now and trying to figure out a solution.