Using the laser to cut PLA model

I was wondering if you could use the laser to “clean up” or modify a model that was printed with the 3d printer. For example, I’m making a model house and I want to add details to the front wall, or maybe cut out a joint.

Just wondering, as I assume you can use the CNC to do this also if you wanted.

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DANGER DANGER DANGER. You should never use the laser on plastics, aside from a fire risk, you will be creating toxic fumes… There are devices to cut/modify your 3D prints such as Modifi3D I have the USB attached version.

keep having fun


Very good question. As we know, PLA will melt under high temperatures. I have never personally attempted later etching/cutting PLA- however I have definitely witnessed the material melting and creating black smoke after the hot-end of an unnamed printer excessively increased temperature.