Laser cutting adhesive foil

has anyone tried to cut out letters from adhesive film?

How did you transfer the cut text to the surface to be pasted without all the letters shifting?

Thank you all

We do that with a Cricut vinyl cutter. Haven’t tried with the Snapmaker, but I assume it wouldn’t work well.

Thank you for your answer. OK, then I’ll try it an report here.

And I 've since learned that a so called “transfer foil” helps to transfer the letters to the surface … :slight_smile:

Just double check what the foil is made of. You don’t want to be breathing chloride gas for example.

yes, good hint. I pay attention

I want to do the same but not with the laser since most adhesive foils are made of PVC and they release toxic gasses when burnt. I’m gonna use the design for a ‘PVC cutter’ (based on CB09 graphtec blade holder) that can be mounted on the tool bracket. You will use the SM in either CNC or Laser mode and keep the respective toolhead connected to the controller.
The tricky part will be setting the correct Z-level to just cut the PVC and not the release layer.
Another challenge will be the deviations in bed level, varying from a couple of tenths up to 1mm across the platform, which will be disastrous for cutting PVC adhesive foil. A solution for that would be flattening a (new) waste board with a surface bit, so it will be parallel to the machine’s coordinate system (within tolerance).
Anyway, a lot a prep work for getting some adhesive foil cut with the SM, but hey, that’s just the fun part :wink:

Good Idea!
or: 3D Printable Snapmaker Drag Knife (Vinyl Cutter) by Gil Ramirez
or: "vinyl cutter cnc adapter" 3D Models to Print - yeggi