USB Format help, printer not reading USB drive

Recently got the Snapmaker 2, printed a few things fine and was working on setting up the next prints im working on and I got a pop up about the USB being damaged and my computer asked if it could repair it, I didn’t think about it and just said yes to the repair.

This morning get to my printer and tried to plug in the USB and it said it was damaged and the printer didn’t see any files on the USB drive. I’m wanting to reformat the drive so it is readable by the printer but idk how or where to start with it. Some help would be appreciated.

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The USB key shipped with the Snapmaker2 is an ordinary cheap USB key formatted in FAT32. Reformat it or replace it with another USB 2.0 key—just make sure you use FAT32.

My guess is that your computer’s idea of “fixing” the key, if you’re using Windows 10, involved reformatting it in exFAT or NTFS, which is not compatible with the Snapmaker 2.

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