Usage Tips - Reduce the risk of clogging

Retraction distance

  • PLA: <= 2mm
  • TPU: <= 0.5mm

TPU type

  • Suggestion: Hardness >= 90A

PLA printing

  • Remove the top cover

Hi Jade,

Do you have any recommended setting for PETG?

Do I need to remove the top cover to reduce heat creep?

Is there any self-maintenance documentation on replacement of nozzle, heatblock, thermistor, etc.

Remove the top cover of what?

I assume they mean the top of the enclosure, since it seems to be fully self-contained. A picture from the product page shows this;

I assume the reasoning is, being fully contained, it doesn’t allow enough heat to dissipate, and with the low melting point of PLA, will eventually allow heatcreep up into the heatbreak, which would soften the PLA and cause a jam up in the heatbreak during retractions. Then, if it cools down, it’ll basically require you to change the hotend assembly, as the now solid, jammed PLA in the heatbreak, won’t get enough heat to melt, and even if it does, the plastic stuck in the heatbreak tube will cause friction issues in the future, and possibly eventually bake into hard carbon and jam up even worse.

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Hi splt7190,

It’s suggested to use the provided PETG cura settings. You can see details after you install the Snapmaker J1 Cura plugin. Install guide: Beta Version - High Speed Firmware, Cura Profiles, PrusaSlicer Profiles

You don’t need to remove the top cover of the enclosure when printing PETG. Only need to remove that when printing PLA.

We are preparing self-maintenance documentation. Currently, we finished Chinese version. We will translate them into English and share with J1 community before Nov. 25. If needed, we can take some short videos to show the replacement process when we receive support tickets about troubleshooting.

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