Beta Version - High Speed Firmware, Cura Profiles, PrusaSlicer Profiles

Update date: 2022-11-26

The default firmware version is normal speed version. It’s suggested to update the firmware. Here’s a brief guide.

High speed firmware download


  • This is a beta version of the high speed printing firmware, the stable version will be released in Dec. 2022 (the original expected date is about 2022-11-25).


  1. Update two G-code files - PLA in Local files in the screen (3DBenchy, Shark).


  1. Add three G-code files - PLA in Local files in the screen (for getting started).
  2. Add support for SnapmakerJ1CuraPlugin, enabling file transfer via WiFi. (Need to use the latest release of SnapmakerJ1CuraPlugin.)
  3. Optimize print settings of Offset Calibration Check model and Vibration Compensation Check model. (Increase general printing speed. Heat nozzles and bed at the same time.)

Known Issues:

  1. Accidental failure of calibration process.
  2. The calibration data is lost after the update.
  3. Accidentally trigger the detection of filament runout/clogging by mistake.


Firmware Upgrade Method - For current beta version only

  1. Download the high-speed firmware version and save it to a USB flash drive.
  2. Insert the USB flash drive into J1 and select Settings - Local Upgrade - USB - select firmware file on the screen to start the update.
  3. If your original firmware version is lower than V2.1.11_20221111, after the firmware update, you need to run all calibration procedures again from Calibration section on the screen. If your original firmware version is V2.1.11_20221111, you don’t need to run the calibration procedures again after the update.

Cura Profiles & PrusaSlicer Profiles

All these files can only be used together with the provided high-speed firmware version.


2022-11-18 update

Use the latest release 0.1.0



The PrusaSlicer profiles have not been finalized. Only PLA profiles are available at the moment. The following only meets basic printing and has not yet been tested to achieve the best configuration. It will be improved gradually in the future.

2022-11-18 update


  • Add profiles for PLA Dual Extruder: “config_0.2_DualExtruder.ini” and “PrusaSlicer_config_bundle_DualExtruder.ini”

Download (33.7 KB)

PLA Profiles - For High-speed Firmware Version Only


  • J1 max. speeds are: 350mm/s print speed with 10000mm/s^2 acceleration. In actual printing, especially for new users, the printing success and print quality should be guaranteed first. Therefore, the profiles provided here balance the print quality, the heat dissipation performance of the printer and the max. flow rate of the print head.

  • Different layer settings, corresponding to the maximum attainable printing speed is different, the relationship is as follows:

  • The printing speed is limited by the characteristics of materials, some materials such as TPU, breakaway supports, and PVA can not achieve high-speed printing (otherwise it will cause poor print quality, blockage problems), currently the most common material to support high-speed printing is PLA (esun ePLA - matte or wooden PLA speed needs to be properly reduced) and ABS.

@Jade When will we be getting access to Lava Studio? I ordered my J1 yesterday and I would really like to start taking a look at the slicer to understand the workflow while I wait.

You will use Luban V4.5 for J1. It will be published on around Nov. 25. We will share an update on the software on the forum once it’s ready. Please stay tune.

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