Beta Version - High Speed Firmware, Cura Profiles, PrusaSlicer Profiles

The default firmware version is normal speed version. It’s suggested to update the firmware. Here’s a brief guide.

High speed firmware download



2023-01-05, V2.2.24

  1. Fixed a bug that Touchscreen misjudged G-code file causes changing print mode failed
  2. Fixed a bug that adjusting Live Z Offset when pausing print job causes unexpected movement
  3. Set Z-axis stall detection speed at 4.8mm/s to prevent triggered accidently
  4. Fixed a bug that stopped printing job when execuing heating G-code causes unexpected movement

2023-01-02, V2.2.21

  1. Optimized PID value for heated bed to prevent ripples on print
  2. Fixed a bug that adjusting Live Z Offset when homing position cause unexpected movement
  3. Improved frequency value in Vibration Compensation Chooing Area page
  4. Fixed internal print file(test_3dbenchy) estimated time

2022-12-17, V2.2.13

  1. Fixed XZ drift issue for dual extruder printing.
  2. Improved calibration accuracy for bed leveling and XY calibration.
  3. Fixed a bug when resuming from a paused print.

2022-12-06, V2.2.10

  1. Fixed XY calibration bugs.
  2. Added stall protection for Z homing.


  1. Fixed stall protection failing risks occur when there’s a glass build plate on the heated bed.
  2. Optimized PID temperature control.


  1. Update two G-code files - PLA in Local files in the screen (3DBenchy, Shark).


  1. Add three G-code files - PLA in Local files in the screen (for getting started).
  2. Add support for SnapmakerJ1CuraPlugin, enabling file transfer via WiFi. (Need to use the latest release of SnapmakerJ1CuraPlugin.)
  3. Optimize print settings of Offset Calibration Check model and Vibration Compensation Check model. (Increase general printing speed. Heat nozzles and bed at the same time.)

Known Issues:

  1. The calibration data is lost after the update.
  2. Accidentally trigger the detection of filament runout/clogging by mistake.
  3. Inaccurate printing time calculation shown on the screen.


Firmware Upgrade Method - For current beta version only

  1. Download the high-speed firmware version and save it to a USB flash drive.
  2. Insert the USB flash drive into J1 and select Settings - Local Upgrade - USB - select firmware file on the screen to start the update.
  3. If your original firmware version is lower than V2.1.11_20221111, after the firmware update, you need to run all calibration procedures again from Calibration section on the screen. If your original firmware version is V2.1.11_20221111 or higher, you don’t need to run the calibration procedures again after the update.

Cura Profiles & PrusaSlicer Profiles

All these files can only be used together with the provided high-speed firmware version.


Use the latest release.



The PrusaSlicer profiles have not been finalized. Only PLA profiles are available at the moment. The following only meets basic printing and has not yet been tested to achieve the best configuration. It will be improved gradually in the future.

2022-11-18 update


  • Add profiles for PLA Dual Extruder: “config_0.2_DualExtruder.ini” and “PrusaSlicer_config_bundle_DualExtruder.ini”

Download (33.7 KB)

PLA Profiles - For High-speed Firmware Version Only


  • J1 max. speeds are: 350mm/s print speed with 10000mm/s^2 acceleration. In actual printing, especially for new users, the printing success and print quality should be guaranteed first. Therefore, the profiles provided here balance the print quality, the heat dissipation performance of the printer and the max. flow rate of the print head.

  • Different layer settings, corresponding to the maximum attainable printing speed is different, the relationship is as follows:

  • The printing speed is limited by the characteristics of materials, some materials such as TPU, breakaway supports, and PVA can not achieve high-speed printing (otherwise it will cause poor print quality, blockage problems), currently the most common material to support high-speed printing is PLA (esun ePLA - matte or wooden PLA speed needs to be properly reduced) and ABS.

@Jade When will we be getting access to Lava Studio? I ordered my J1 yesterday and I would really like to start taking a look at the slicer to understand the workflow while I wait.

You will use Luban V4.5 for J1. It will be published on around Nov. 25. We will share an update on the software on the forum once it’s ready. Please stay tune.

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Sweet… any update on the expected release date of Luban for J1? This thing is amazing, and I’m excited to get started with the software as well.


We plan to relase Luban V4.5 for J1 this Friday or Saturday.

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That’s great. Thank you!

Prusa Slicer profiles are quite broken.

The right extruder does not heat up. When it is used it cannot extrude and the machine complains about a lack of filament, so the runout detection is working. I continued by heating the extruder manually and going through the filament load process. I reusme the print.

But the left extruder has not parked! Both extruders are over the wipe tower. I Cannot complete a print because because the extruders only print what they can reach (thankfully they do not collide)

Sounds like you might have a profile issue. I’m using the 0.3.0 plugin, and it’s working great. Haven’t changed a setting yet. Maybe reinstall / recalibrate?

Ah, I see, I think I know what happened.

I have quite the collection of filaments in Prusa Slicer, I figured I could just pick any of those. However, it seems like the preset for J1_Left_Nozzle and J1_Right_Nozzle are mandatory, as they include the custom gcode sections that make the extruder switching work.

Perhaps they would be better included in the machine custom gcode ‘tool change g-code’ section, then I could use any of my existing filament profiles without having to duplicate them for each side of the J1

The extruder changes are also slow due to the extra M109 in the ‘end g-code’ section. I dont think that is required, the parked extruder is never told to cool, thus does not need to wait to heat for 5 seconds before every change

I have made these changes in my own Prusa Slicer configuration, and it working quite well. I can use whatever filament I want, and the machine section takes care of the tool change gcode. The last issue I am facing is a long-standing bug in prusa slicer where it fails to emit an M106 for the second extruder. Can be fixed by setting to a constant speed, but that doesnt compare to Prusa Slicers auto fan speed stuff.

Overall I would say Prusa Slicer is not particularly well suited to multi-extruder machines at the moment. For example, the prime tower is a single volume for all materials, which will cause problems when one of the materials is designed to not bond so well (such as breakaway support material). Cura solves this by only priming each material onto itself. I expect this to get better with the eventual release of the Prusa XL.

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When will Luban be ready


Also wondering when the J1 compatible version of Luban will be ready?


I am not sure I have update cura properly but it has had multiple problems with adhesion and the finish of the side walls.
I tried the PrusaSlicer and all the adhesion problems have gone away. however there is one serious issue. In the fast mode the print head suddenly raced to the front of the printer at full speed (or close to it. it was very loud) and slammed into the front wall and then continued to extrude the filament. I did not see it for the first part of a 7 hour printing but saw the result 2 hour into the print. The print continued and eventually looked like the correct layers with a really messy intermediate layers where it tried to build a foundation. I would be happy to share pictures and the gcode file for debug. When i shifted to fine mode it worked fine. The parts it produced for other designs are much stronger than those from the Cura slicer.

@skinnermp @GrumpyOldGuy Hey guys, Luban is ready for J1 now. See this topic and download: Luban V4.5 Beta.8 Supporting J1 Is Available for Downloading

Why does the prusa slicer profile not use the M2000 gcode to stow the printhead? I see that Cura and Luban are both using it for the start-nozzle gcode, but the prusa slicer profile is manually moving the printhead to the stowed position.

Unfortunately, the prusa slicer profile induces Y drift. Multimaterial prints are not straight (I am using firmware 2.2.13). I know the machine is good, because the same multimaterial test print comes out OK sliced in Cura/Luban.

I have tried to add the M2000 gcode to prusa slicer, but upon changing from T1 to T0, T1 moves to the stowed position, then returns to the print area and violently collides with T0. I have tried to compare the tool swap sections of gcode between prusa slicer / Luban, but cannot spot any meaningful differences.


can we get some guidance on using M2000 to perform tool swaps

How good does the Cura Profile Work? Aso crashed possible as with the prusaslicer?

Hi im a new user of the J1 Printer. The Leveling is a little Horrible.
And he lost wifi all the time.
I have Firmware 2.3.6 from the support page. Is that the latest and whats the High Speed firmware? im a confused. hope you can help me