Upgrades for SM 1

Hey sorry if this has been answered before, but will there be upgrade options for the original Snapmaker after 2.0 is released? For example, I would like to turn my SM into the 350 version but I don’t want to buy a whole new machine. Are there plans to have a “150/250/350 upgrade kit” for people who want to increase the size of their SM 1.0?


The modules will be downwards compatible (with an adapter). So you will be able to run SM1 modules on the SM2.
But since the new machine works with another communication system (CAN-Bus) I don’t think that you can upgrade the SM1.

The new A150 is not much bigger than the SM1.
If you want to upgrade to A250/A350 you will need the bigger base plate as well as additional and longer axes and the new controller. So this makes no sence.

Maybe there will be a upgrade option for the SM1 with the Z-extension modules that are already available.
But you only will have a bigger SM1.

Right that’s what I want. Just a bigger SM 1. So I’d need a bigger base plate, build plate, and modules. I was wondering if that would be a possibility. I already have all 4 tool heads, the brain, and touchpad. I was hoping I’d be able to transplant all that onto a bigger platform

They already have a taller Z axis available.

As far as upgrading the v1.0, I agree with @rojaljelly that it doesn’t seem worth while. You have to replace the controller, then you could start replacing other parts. If you only want one or two axes upgrade, it could be worthwhile. But if you want all 3, it’ll likely cost you more to upgrade than replace entirely.

Personally, I’m happy with my little v1.0, but I would like a larger unit. I’m thinking of using the v1.0 to build a larger reprap. I see a use for a larger but less precise printer, and a small but very precise printer.

I’d mostly like a larger surface for laser engraving, so I wouldn’t need a taller z axis. But if I’m stuck with the size I have, I’ll just look elsewhere for a bigger laser.


There are people who have successfully upgraded the SM1’s engraving and CNC work area using the Z-axis extension, but I don’t have all the details on how.