Upgrades done to Snapmaker

Hello, I was looking into to upgrades for my Snapmaker that much better/cooler. For example lights, my own enclosure. Has anyone done some upgrades they can show me for ideas? If so that would be great.


I modified the Snapmaker enclosure - http://forum.snapmaker.com/t/my-enclosure-modifications/3306/4

If I was to make my own I would have done one made out of two Ikea Lack tables, just 3D print the bits and buy the acrylic sheet (I went with the Snapmaker enclosure because I know it’s laser safe).
Searching for ‘Ikea Lack’ on Thingiverse will bring up a few results, I think this was the original https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2864118

One of the first things I printed was this filament reel holder. It takes virtually any size spool.
Universal Snapmaker Spool Holder and Filament Guide