Enclosure - Filament Spool Holder 'Modification'

I’ve put this post in ‘Hardware’ as I don’t consider the enclosure a new product anymore. Mods may feel free to move it somewhere else.

I assembled my enclosure yesterday and am generally very happy with it. My first print in the new enclosure worked well and I noted that the enclosure cuts the noise of the Snapmaker significantly.

I tried a large print and came back to find it only half finished, but the printer homed as if the print was complete. I soon noted that the filament was as tight as a guitar string! The filament spool I was using (eSun) unfortunately has openings on the spool which catch on the screws which mount the Snapmaker spool holder to the enclosure. Like this:

This has not previously been a problem before because I was using the YAST spool holder https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2823943 (Kudos to@Ardjan) which aligned the spools front to back. With the enclosure and the teflon tube the extruder tends to pull the spool towards the enclosure, causing the bolt heads of the mount to engage with the openings in the spool and locking the spool tight.

Easily fixed. I downloaded this from Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2556761 and edited it in Fusion 360 to create a slightly smaller hole to match the Snapmaker spool holder. It looks like the holes in the spool holder would catch on the SnapMaker screws but they don’t. Pictures:

Although I have fixed the problem with the eSun spool, in general I find filament feeding on the Snapmaker to be pretty clunky looking. Long term I want to create a solution which allows filament reels to be aligned front to rear (possibly in a dry box) and feed into the extruder from above.

As always, it’s a work in progress.


That’s an interesting solve. It’s great to see how others solve for the same problem. I could’ve just printed a large washer that threads through the spool rod and cover the bolt, but I wanted to design something more functional. Hence this over-engineered piece for extra smoothness :rofl::

I’ve been thinking about a spool holder that feeds from the top of the enclosure too. However I’m quite concerned with the additional height and stability of the enclosure structure.


Thanks @kelvin8r. Like you said, I actually had printed a large washer to cover the bolt, but I wanted something more elegant. In time, I’ll probably print yours as it will work with more spools and is even more pleasing to the eye. I just need to get hold of some bearings.


I was thinking of making a spool holder that allows the filament to feed in a straighter line and not around a corner (especially when the reel is running low). Attempt 1 failed so miserably.

I use a pair of @kelvin8r’s guides and they work great except for my smallest spools. However, those spools have so little mass that they’re just fine directly on the rod, even without the sleeve.

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I’ve just ordered some bearings from Amazon. When they arrive I’ll make one of @kelvin8r’s guides or maybe one of the standalone spool holders which uses bearings . The eSun spool holder I printed off is working just fine for now.

here they are…
Seem to work fine.


I hope you put the thumbscrew back in before printing. The guides have a tendency to “walk” otherwise.

Rick: Re: Filament Spool Holder Modification — Well done! Well explained! Thanks!

@TheBum Oh yes! I put it back in after I took the picture.