10w laser module price


I would like to understand where the price of 500€(!!) for the 10w laser module comes from.

There are entire high quality laser engraving machines out there (entire machines!) with 50w laser module that cost the same as Snapmaker’s 500% less power(!!!) laser module.

How come?

The price feels several times too high.

Hello Wellnice,

If you would like to know about laser engraving machines please you can drive to Alternative Parts Inc.

Here you get information about laser machines and their parts.

Thank you.

I personally find that Snapmaker devices are always somewhat overpriced - for a hobbyist it is usually hard to justify such expenses, and I’m glad I got my stuff during Kickstarter or Preorder phases at cosiderably lower prices.

That said, be careful not to compare apples and oranges. 50W laser modules may be misleading - you carefully have to look if it is electrical power, or laser output power. Take e.g. this one: https://www.amazon.de/Graviermaschine-Laserengraver-Großflächige-Lasergravur-Schneidemaschine/dp/B09CCP2WLV - it boldly sports 50W - but reading the small print, the laser power is just 5W.

Last remark: comparing 1.6W laser to 10W laser, it’s playing in a different league! I got my 10W during preorder, and I am blown away by how much more options it opens up to me. Still, was struggeling with the price (even at preorder), and e.g. would like to have the rotary, but even at preorder it was too expensive for me to hit the buy button.