Upgrade the Toolheads Separately with Snapmaker Firmware V1.12.0

Did you get it figured out? I’m having the same issue

It would be nice to have more detailed instructions on these complicated machines for us rookies.

Here is his answer:

Thank you so much for your quick response!! I let the machine have a timeout overnight and came back this morning after doing some research and Voila! I was able to update all of the toolheads. I haven’t actually tested the things yet :crossed_fingers: but it looks way more promising than yesterday. At the risk of seeming very uneducated, I see now that there are more updates. I have the firmware updated to 12.1, is that sufficient for the tool heads? and the other updates…how can I check to see if the software is up to date?

@brent113, @Edwin left the company for other interests on Friday. Not clocked any active replacement yet but hopefully there will be somebody on Monday.

9 days ago when I posted that was not the case

Yep sorry didn’t look when this started, my mistake. lets hope a replacement appears.

Currently, the latest firmware is 1.12.1. Once there is a new firmware, we will upload it in this post. Snapmaker 2.0 Firmware Updates and Downloads - #14 by Alan

On the touchscreen, you can go to Settings>Firmware update to upgrade it directly.

Hello, I have already escalated it to my colleague to optimize it. Thanks for the feedback.

So I’m reading this thread maybe half an hour too late. Any suggestions for the following:
I had been on version 1.11.4, never used the CNC and used the laser module maybe 2 firmware updates ago. Turned on the snapmaker and saw that new firmware (1.12.1) was available so decided to to just update over wifi, because, well, snapmaker added an update over wifi feature and the machine let me.

Am I right to assume that 1.12.1 fixed any need to download to usb?
Or do I need to roll back pre 1.12.0 then go to 1.12.0 using usb, then update all the modules (but first also complete the CNC intro process)??

Am I missing anything? Note I I don’t have a rotary module or emergency stop. Not sure if this matters, but it seems to be the cause for the extra effort.

To be fair, I don’t know the problem with cnc introduction, I only know the emergency stop button laser On issue (which is not a problem because you didn’t have one).

Simply update it and see what happens.
I guess you will have to update the tool heads with USB-thumb-drive.

My A350 has updatet with 1.12.1 as i buy him. I have no Problems to Update the Modules.

The new firmware requires each head/module to be updated separately. (This is the first time this has been the case) To do that it needs to be done from usb. Otherwise most updates can just be done over wifi.

Download the latest version from the website and do the upgrade as described. (download to USB and do update.

When you now connect another tool head the device will tell you that the toolhead is out of date and you need to update. So no issue you’ve already done one over wifi.

Does this help with the problem of the calibration being about 1cm off the left hand side of the bed when using the 3D print head?
BTW I also have major issues with the Wifi not connecting and also dropping off when attempoting to send files to it

To be honest it was not very clear to me… Don’t you have to command the machine to do auto levelling and would you not have already attached the relevant 3dp head to do that?

No, the auto leveling is part of the very initial setup when you first attach the print head. With the firmware update, that initial leveling check got reset, so it automatically goes through auto leveling again.
Again, the “plug in, but don’t mount the toolhead when updating firmware” trick is really only to be used if you understand what’s happening. If you don’t, it’s safer to just do a complete change as if you were connecting the various heads for actual usage (so e.g., mount the laser toolhead to the machine and install the laser plates, then update the firmware on it, next do the same with the 3d head, mount it, install the heated bed and build plate, then update firmware and finally, mount the cnc head along with the cnc plate, and then update the cnc head’s firmware)

I just (20 Sep) updated the 3dp tool head directly from the touchscreen with the head mounted. The Snapmaker did not do any auto levelling after completing the upgrade. Hence why I do not understand this post. Maybe it used to do so before, in earlier versions?

Perhaps, I don’t remember, but my comment was in response to someone saying the leveling sequence for the 3dp head ran while they had the laser head mounted ('cause they plugged in 3dp with laser mounted)

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I’ve finished upgrading to latest firmware and now neither the nozzle of 3D module or heating bed are actually heating.
I switched the cable with the Z cable with same result.
what can be wrong?
please help!