Update issues, and other fun

The only time I have ever ran the tool in the bed (roughly 7 times) all of them now is after updates firmware/software. I have had the machine for 6 months and have lost all faith in this company not so much the product. Just when you figure out a work around, update and back to square one. The tool is great if it wasn’t for them jacking it up all the time. Yes I do a clean boot both software and firmware. I am a IT professional and have requested a refund I didn’t sign up for being a beta tester.

My enclosure door also had pins out on arrival and had to replace the print bed when it ran into the bed, never once complained but I have grown tire of beta testing for these people. Better off buying separate better tools as this is a jack of all master of none. a350+enclosure. oh the camera on the laser is the biggest joke of it all. I even competed in on contest but only ask one person to vote as you had to reset you’re facebook password to vote (fishy as hell). They seam to be more focused on the road map then the product. Buyers beware!