Unusual object when using support

I have this model of a house…

when printing without support it looks fine…

When printing with support I get this weird “pipe” at the back of the model…

The pipe/pillar is a separate object but I can’t delete it. Any ideas on what is going on here?


This is the Prince Tower, which you can turn off in the “Dual Pressure” settings.

with kind regards happyjack0

An intended mistake? :slight_smile: LOL :slight_smile:

What happyjack meant is the prime tower - it is on by default as soon as you are going for multimaterial printing with both nozzles of the dual head. The tower is used to wipe the nozzle and build up pressure again after a longer idle time, to compensate for oozing. If you switch it off, you may suffer from underextrusion, stringing and oozing blobs in the wrong places. You can play around with retraction settings to compensate for that. Since I do not like to waste material for the prime tower, the retraction is what I am trying, but others argue that a failed/dirty print is also a waste of material and prefer the tower to be on the safe side. Your decision :slight_smile:

My settings for retraction which are good but not yet prefect:

I am having a problem where in long (tall) prints, the prime tower hets knocked down halfway through, ruining the print. The print appears to otherwise be working. Im using NylonX and the breakaway filament.

Any advise? Failed three times. Now i need more filament to restart.