First Print - Why is a Cylinder part of the print for the Pen Holder?

I reviewed the support manual but no information on why a cylinder is an object next to the sample Pen Holder. Anyone give me a hint? Below is my failed print, the cylinder detached and fell. Below that is the cylinder (red arrow to it) in Luban.

This is a purge tower, used when printing with dual extruders.

It shouldn’t fail like that, not sure why this happens with you… perhaps there’s too much oozing from one of the inactive heads so it knocks the purge tower, causing an overall print fail…
Try to slightly increase retraction from the print head that’s oozing too much, and decrease the standby temp a little. Also perhaps move the tower closer to actual object (I think it’s possible in Luban to move it, not sure). If all fails make it a stronger tower with more material purged.

Thanks for the reply, purge tower and ooze shields oh my. I’m new to this so had not heard of such things for dual heads and support material.

I’ll try moving the tower closer, I can do that in luban. I don’t see a way to strengthen the tower in luban.

Most of all, I’ll read your link and the support links. The luban docs seem to assume one already knows 3d printing details so maybe I’ll find what I need elsewhere.

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I’m glad you found it useful.
I agree, snapmaker and Luban are not the best for someone starting 3D pritning. So I suggest you use Cura instead, which has extensive documentation and educational videos. Luban is strong and has many of Cura’s options, but it’s not as user friendly and hasn’t got the community help Cura has.
Also you’ll find some good help here in the community.
I’d also advise watching maker’s muse videos, CHEP videos, the 3D printing professor, CNC kitchen, the 3D print general and Thomas Sanladerer videos. Those will give a strong boost in 3D printing knowledge. I’m sure one of them also talks about purge towers…

Doesnt look like too much oozing to me, rather a problem with bed adhesion.

Try using a brim. also Your z-offset seems to be too high.
First layer already looks wonky.

better start with that before you adjust the retract.
A little z-hop of 0.2 - 0.4mm could also be helpful.

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