Unable to Add background - Luban v4.9.1

Using Luban v4.9.1 with 1.17.17 on A350 with quick change

After performing laser calibration and camera calibration:

In Luban, I go to workspace, add background… Camera does it thing and I can see my work area and my project (which takes up entire platform). Click next and it asks me to select work area - nothing I do here seems to make any difference, on the preview panel its just an image of the laser platform (which was not photographed by the machine as its not visible under my project)… on the live side I can still see my work area. When I click apply to return to work area in Luban, all that is displayed is the laser platform still?

Any ideas?



Just in case anyone else has this issue, from support:

“confirmed that this is a bug in version 4.9.1, and they are working hard to fix it. For the time being, please use version 4.8.2 of luban for printing.”