Snapmaker Luban for dual color?

I’ve been using Luban for over 6 months so i wanted to stick with it for the J1 but im having trouble utilizing anything other than mirror mode or duplicate mode. Is there a way to separate or paint specific parts of a model to print using the 2nd extruder on a single model? Like how the test shark comes. I specifically only print articulated models and would like to use the models i have to print in dual color. Im completely knew to idex but extremely familiar with Luban and I’m not seeing much to utilize dual color printing. Maybe i’m overlooking something?

Thanks in advance and my apologies if this is an obvious miss on my part.

Hi illohminati, as I replied in another topic, Luban does not currently support painting a single model. I’ve passed this to our R&D team as a feature request. Before it is available in Luban, maybe you could try Prusa? There are already Prusaslicer profiles for J1 in the forum, contributed by other users. :blush:

Switch to Prusaslicer. The profiles posted elsewhere here work pretty well, and it’s just wildly better than Luban in every way. For multicolour, Luban - and even Cura - are more or less completely useless unless you have models specifically built for it.

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I found this thread while searching for guidance on dual-color printing on the Artisan @Riskey are there any prusaslicer profiles available for the Artisan?