Trying to Laser Cut

I’m a newbie to the Snapmaker and the process of laser cutting. I am trying to create some original designs using the laser module on the Snapmaker 2.0. I was hoping someone had a recommendation on free software I could use to create my pattern for the SVG file. I’m hoping to dimension the lines to allow my designs to be proportional. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks

You could do a lot worse than Inkscape. It’s a fairly steep learning curve (for me at least) but there are hundreds of tutorials out there which will help you

quote=“Edwin, post:1, topic:17862”]
Note 3 : The Laser module will reach a height of (Material thickness + Laser height).

HI All 've a question. according the quote above. to ajust the z distance do i have to place the material already on the bed, or adjusting z distance after placing the material?
reason i’m not able to cut with the laser in plywood 5 mm.
despite laser power 100% , speed 300 and above ( lower speed gives thick burned lines), also increasing passes from 2 to 10 does not work. z pas 0.6 mm.
with this setting it should cut at lest 5 mm
advise please Harry

Z distance is determined by the thickness of the material.

Doubtful you can cut 5mm ply with the 1.6 watt laser. People have but lots of passes - 15 plus. Around 3mm seems to be the practical max. and that depends upon the glue used in the plywood.
Faster speed and more passes = less char. But there’s always going to be some.
The new 10 w laser (and you may need to add an air assist) will burn much cleaner.
Pass height = thickness/passes

Thanks i was afraid it would notwork at all
5mm plywood is more common to get. I‘ll try it with cnc