Selling my Snapmaker

OK, it hurts a bit, but I am thinking about selling my Snapmaker again…
There are a few reasons for this:

  1. Laser engraving and CNC carving are not for me. I tried the laser (will try again to use the acryl glass I bought), but after some thinking, I can’t see much use of those except nice nameplates and signs. And I can do that in a local makerspace on larger machines.
  2. Size. 125x125x125mm is nice for many 3D prints, but I ran already several times into these limits. Yes, I can slice up and glue together, but that doesn’t work all the time.
  3. Noise. Let’s face it, the Snapmaker is loud. Even with just the fans running, it is loud. I cannot do prints >10 hours, because the room I have it in is used as the office of my wife, and she needs to work there. I can start something in the late afternoon and let it print overnight, but from 7:30-17:00 it can’t run.

The printer itself is in perfect shape. I printed maybe 1.5kg of filament with it until now. There is no defect or problem with it as I can think of. Only the printing surface is damaged in a spot. The spatula dug too deep when I tried to pry off an object. I still use the sticker, it works fine, but on this spot you get a small bump on the print. The second sticker is pristine/never used.

I have learned a lot from the Snapmaker, and I will certainly continue with 3D printing, but with another device…

So, who is interested in a Snapmaker with all three modules, 3-4 hours on the laser, 0 hours on the CNC, inc original box and outer box, incl all tools, glasses, screws, USB-stick, the extra pack of CNC bits, etc, but without the PLA that came with it, and a damaged printing bed (just the surface sticker. the second surface sticker is unused and in perfect shape!). In a few weeks the enclosure will also be delivered, this will be part of the sale, of course. Oh, in the box was one sheet of foam, I cut that for a noise-dampening layer. I’ll include of course also my spool holder (see ‘YASTH’ on Thingiverse)
It is located in Austria, Vienna, EU, and there is no customs needed when sending it somewhere in the EU.

Total price was $553 for the printer, €103 for customs and $139 for the enclosure. Together $817 / €668. My first asking price will be €600,- plus sending costs which is fair, in my opinion. No customs needed anymore (at least not in the EU).

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hello I would like to buy this from you

Sorry, but it was already sold, shortly after I put the message up. (I will add a text that it was already sold :slight_smile: )