This CRAP machine is the wrong way to get started

This machine is pure trash, I sell my A250 for 0.5€. Not only the machine is bad in all 3 modes, but the company selling it know nothing about software, hardware or community sense. they only know how to scam form extra money. The machine does awful work an all modes, and the support MOKES you saying “yes we are looking into this matter that cost you 500$ on our bad software’s behalf” then never respond. if you are interested in an a machine that works, try ANYTHING else but this.
Crying over my money, wish you a better luck

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I am sorry but your rant is of not help for anybody. Could you explain the specific problems you found? That could be of help for everybody.
I never lasered or 3d printed in my life. The snapmaker is my first printer. I got good prints at first try with PLA, PETG and ABS. So I understand when you talk about crap maybe you are just exaggerating.


Welcome to the forum.

This should probably not have been your first post. There are many users here who would have been very willing to help you with your issues and I for one, still am.


Where are you located? I’ll happily buy it from you for €0.5


If the deal is not yet made, I give 1€ plus I pay travel expenses.


Is this an auction now?

3€ and a biscuit.


Of course it is helping people, not to make same mistake as I did. I can’t publish days of emails with support, proving where the disappointment comes from. But you can see that some plenty people think 1~3 € is a reasonable price for this machine

Nobody is claiming that.

However, if you’re claiming to sell it for that price you can expect us to offer you to actually buy it for that price. (and yes, I would)

I am not sure what your interest on all this is. You mistake cost for value. Anyway, message received: as soon as I finish the project I am in, I will trash my machine also. As you can see below is a long functional project with a mix of PLA and ABS and layer changing colors. But as soon as I finish it, I will sell this trash. In fact, with the bad reputation of Snapmaker probably they are going to bid for the pendulum watch instead. That is why I have to finish it before.

This is not going to happen.


Are you working for the competition? I am 79 years young and I use my A350 every other day since more then a year now. No problems with PLA an PETG. Support is excellent, I even got a new laser head for free after I wrongly connected my original one.


The “maker” gods are smiling upon you :laughing:

I noticed… all SM employees deny me the right to be dissapointed and express it. Posting here requires to be a satisfied or employed by SM.

Well, SM employees are hardly present on the forum (except to post updates about firmware etc).

And trust me, not everyone is just happy. A lot of people on the forum are very critical about their devices as well. But most of them (including me) are also eager to get the most out of them.

So you can share your challenges so we can help you get better results. Or you can indeed just get rid of your machine. for either of those, you’ll find people on here willing to help you.

up to you


actually i had a lot of problems when i first got my machine. I felt like you that i was ripped off. after i discovered a post about not giving up… i followed the hints …and other than coming across horrible filament in my quest to get the cheapest i, i haven’t had any real issues
the community here is very helpful. just post here what issues you are having and you will find many people willing to help.



btw this topic is awesome:

I’ve been lucky and had no real problems and have been pretty much been running non-stop for over a year and a half. I have had to do some maintenance and adjustments. While there are definitely some lemons out there and some QC problems, and problems with firmware upgrades, a lot of problems are caused by user error or lack of knowledge. While SM marketing promotes it as plug and play and easy to use, it just isn’t. It takes a certain aptitude and ability to troubleshoot and problem solve that not everyone can do. And that takes time.
It also, despite SM’s promises, requires 3rd party software to be able to use to it’s fullest. Luban isn’t ready for prime time. Plenty of free options, but again there’s a learning curve.
If someone wants help to get their machine working or to get the most out of it, there are plenty of people willing to help. If you just want to show up and bitch, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.



While SM does deserve some criticism blanket statements are rarely helpful…

I’ve had some horrible results but also some far better than expected including direct comparison to other machine prints.

I’ve also got a resin printer and that is a world apart from FDM so it really comes down to getting the most out of the platform with repeatable settings that work for you. (I get that this can be frustration)

That said, I do regret the investment at least until I can fully leverage the machine to my liking (should not need such homebrew fixes)


Plug and Play, it is not. The learning curve is huge and there is a lot that no one tells you about what is actually needed to get a halfway decent print. It took me a week to get bed adhesion and a month to get a decent print.

While working through multiple forums, I saw that this is a very common problem among all 3d printers.

If you are looking for plug and play, 3d printing is not for you.


I have to say I’ve had nothing but great experience with my A250 and Snapmaker support personnel. Sure I’ve had issues, but people on this forum are more than happy to assist with the human side of issues, and Snapmaker themselves have stepped up when I’ve had hardware issues. My machine is 9 months old, and runs every day. As other have said, Luban might not produce the best prints (but simplicity vs deeply complex is something you have to weigh for yourself), but there are plenty of other free options. Depending on the job, I jump between Luban and Cura, each have their strengths.

If everyone is going to keep being helpful @Sagi2313 will never sell me his machine for that €0.5 :face_with_monocle: