The switch, any replacement?

Second time again the switch failed me. Last time closing door mid-print messed up the prints. Now the Z-axis home was totally lost, and Z-axis could move only up, not down. Both time error was fixed by removing and re-attaching all cables on the switch. Over an hour lost from my life again.
Is there any replacement part which would work reliably?

Hi Ari, I will forward your issue to our team @Edwin.

Hi @Ari,

Sorry for the late reply.

I am not sure what machine you own, Snapmaker original or Snapmaker 2.0?

Did you mention the limit switch inside the linear module?

Could you please send me a video here which shows me the movement of the part?

Looking forward to your reply
Best regards

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yeah, video is good idea. It’s hard to explain, but here it is clearly shown. So pressing HOME makes z-axis to raise. It will raise on every press, all the way up.

Snapmaker Original is my model. 2.0 was the one I wanted but too long delivery time so I bought original.

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