The PEC (PEC = Print Etch Cut) Challenge

“Use the Snapmaker components in any order; etch an image with the laser then swap laser for the CNC and carve out elements of the image, or CNC carve then laser etch.”
– By Doug


Guys, you can show your work here, we’ve got the first PEC Challenge Work by @whimsycwd :slight_smile::


websites such as have many examples. Use the search keyword CNC in this website to see numerous photos such as this 2caf6ccd25c67bd2f0f3adb37657356f


Noah @Noah @Rainie @whimsycwd

Have you thought of setting up a repository on your web site that contains the design files that people can download from and contribute to? for each of the Snapmaker components 3D Printer, Laser and CNC

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Can’t wait to get my unit so I can start printing and creating my design

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Yes! That’s the exact perfect idea and we want to do it so much!

Now there are so many things need to do to make sure the production works well that we have little time to build a creative community. After the production and we make sure all the products have no serious problem, we will begin to do it!

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I agree, firstly put all your efforts into getting a quality product out the door then start all those community support services after; we can all improve and grow together.

Keep having fun.


Yeah, I feel happy designing and making products better. And it become more fun with your support, which give me a strong will to make it as good as I can.

It’s enjoyable to make friends with you guys, let me realized the value of our work

Keep having fun, too~


@doug Awesome stuff you made there !! :ok_hand:

just looks like etching to me. isn’t the challenge to do all three?

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Hi @dmon

As a newbie I set an aspirational challenge (hahaha). I am still learning. I have used the laser for a few weeks, now the 3D printer for a few weeks, next the CNC then I might just have a go at a combined project.

Feel free to jump in and have a go; many of us are just paddling around having fun as we learn.

Take care and have a great week.


Ok. Here’s a PEC idea.
Carve a very narrow grove (the width of a bead of printed material) to be inlaid with Printed material. That might be something like hair on a person, or wiskers on a cat, the major outline of a picture or graphic, Then laser etch other details around the inlay. There could also be details of the picture or graphic that are 3d carved too.

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