The latest version of A350 machine - silent module experience sharing

The operation noise of the latest A350 and the old A350 is significantly reduced. There will be no obvious mechanical noise in the operation of the linear module, and only the sound of the cooling fan of the executive head can be heard. The light brightness of the power box is greatly optimized, and there will be no very bright light at night. Overall, the experience of the latest version of A350 machine after optimization is quite good. You can leave a message if you have any problems. I hope it can solve your problems.


@MyWu are you saying you already have the new A350T?

Are you associated with Snapmaker?

if you are from snapmaker can you guarantee that this time linear modules will come with their bearings adjusted accurately. i received 2 of the older ones where this was not the case.

我非来自Snamaker,我是一名业余的3D打印爱好者玩家,目前A350机器直线模组是由20导程3根和8导程2根组成的,X Y是采用的20导程,Z是采用了8导程。

I’m not from snamaker. I’m an amateur 3D printing enthusiast,

@Artezio 目前收到这款机器的直线模组,采用了20导程3根,8导程2根,不知是否你说的A350T。

@MyWu how? They were just barely released, unless you got them somehow before everyone else? You are in China so that’s probably possible lol.

Also, this video means nothing in the grand scheme of things. For a real comparison you’d need to hear both machines/linear modules in the same video to be able to hear a difference. This video has nothing to compare it to sadly.

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I’m guessing @MyWu is in China, so the shipping could be that much faster. Alternatively, since they just showed up on the forum, maybe they’re the first person to get the A350T.

I’m from China. The overall experience of the day is very good. In particular, the noise reduction is not good, and noisy mechanical noise will not be heard when working indoors.

@RyanTuscher 是的,我只是一名业余玩家,没有太多是设备去测试数据给到大家,视频中是短暂,提供不了太多的数据。抱歉


你寫的是降噪不好。 我想你的意思是說降噪很好,對吧?

@nivekmai Yes, I come from China. Chinese transportation usually takes 3-5 days. I will experience the a350t in advance. I will share my feelings after the experience.

Yes, there will be corresponding words in the articles translated by Google, which will give you misunderstanding

For anyone not following this translation fun, @MyWu meant to say that “the noise reduction is good”, it was just a translation error that turned it into “is not good”.


@nivekmai yep I figured that out too via translation, so at least you weren’t the only one :wink:

@MyWu have you noticed any other differences? Has the reduced gear ratio resulted in any print quality changes, or reduction of torque or anything else you’ve noticed?

@ArtezioHey! The printing effect is the same as the original without much difference. In addition, there will be some noise on the y-axis in some cases during printing. Other differences are not found temporarily.

@MyWu interesting. Either way there will always be some level of noise, I don’t have the new rails but it’s usually noisier at slower speeds, even on other printers I’ve noticed this. May be because they are still steppers and not servos, servos don’t suffer from resonance at the level that steppers do. Servos are extremely expensive, which is why they aren’t the go to for printers. If Snapmaker used servos it would skyrocket the price to probably around $5k.

I’m more curious about how it’s going to handle CNC, if any torque was lost it may become an issue.