Text engraving with a font style

Hello everyone,

I’m having an issue with engraving text. Everything when I put some text into the box then select a font style > line-filled mode then export g-code file, the preview file usually showing some white gaps as attached picture.

Can someone please help me to fix this? Thank you very much

I do not know a fix in Luban, but this should work:

  • Create the text in Inkscape (Opensource, free)
  • Convert to Path (“Path” menu)
  • Save as SVG
  • Load in Luban and continue there as before

Worst case you’ll need in Inkscape to merge paths, For this, select all path and chose merge from the path menu (I use German Inkscape - maybe the menu items are named differently. Merge may also be unification, unity or something like that)

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Hi Hauke,

Thank you for your response.
SM Luban working well with exported file from 3rd software such as AI. I’m doing following that waty currently.

But I really want to find the way to fix this problem to save more time as I’m engraving text with custom font styles a lot.

It used to work properly, but went wrong when i updated to 4.8.1 last night. I tried to rolled back to 4.7.3 but problem has not been fixed yet.


Looking forward to a response from SM admin team @Snapmaker-Support

Support won’t respond here, you have to file a ticket if you want them to respond - Support Ticket Form

It’s not clear from your reply if you are converting things to path in illustrator before exporting. I would try to follow @hauke advice in illustrator. It looks to me that this will work.
Or you can share the file with us so we can try and see what could be done.
There are too many variables involved for somebody to be able to predict what exactly is wrong here.

Hi Nweolu,

Thank you for your reply.
I’m not talking about export file. It’s about the Text function from SM

Currently I’m using this function to write text with a custom font style then start engraving, the white gaps appear like the attached picture from my first post

Oh, now it makes sense. You really have to report this to snapmaker. Sims like a bug.
You can try latest version of it - Snapmaker Luban Downloads and Updates - #36 by parachvte
Seems like they fixed some toolpath related issues. Maybe it helps.

Here’s an afterthought: Engraving such things like the text in @BinhMinh’s example made me purchase Lightburn. Luban’s fill strategy by lines or dots leaves rasterizing effects in finely detailed parts. Lightburn has the option to chose a “follow the outline” strategy, which basically spirals in from the outline (or out to the outline? don’t remember) to fill a vector form. For me, that gives cleaner and nicer results.

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Ur issue looks like ur line spacing is off in your path settings it’s under fill interval. Switch it to half its current value maybe 3/4

Hi Loki,

No matter how big the text is, the gaps always appear.
It is definitely an issue from Snap Maker after version 4.8.1
I used to use text engraving properly as mentioned above

Hi Nweolu,

I have download a few versions, but the issue has not been fixed yet

Doubt it will ever get fixed. It’s a font/overlap issue as most font characters fit within a bounding box (those ones clearly do not). You can use Illustrator, etc to outline and union the objects, and export as SVG.

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Hi there,

It is definitely an error from Snapmaker.
It used to work properly, as I mentioned above.

However, I did roll back to the previous version but was not able to fix this issue again

Try this - Luban V4.5: Known Issues & Corresponding Solutions - #15 by Riskey

I wouldn’t delete the configs, rename them, adding “.OLD” to the name of all the configs so Luban can recreate everything.
If it works then comparing new configs and old configs will help to identify the issue. You can actually post them here so we can help.

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