BUG REPORT - size/location change on laser processing

I have a .dxf file I made in solidworks and a font I downloaded and installed. Both show differently in the laser Edit section vs the laser Process section. Their position and size change. I’ve shared a download link of the dxf, the font, and the snapmaker laser file here so you can try to reproduce/troubleshoot/fix the issue:

BTW, if there’s a different way I should report these bugs please let me know

Are you able to convert text to lines/paths in solid works?

I think that is an inherent issue with text, luban wont necessary recognize the special font you used so if you had converted it a shape instead of text it would probably take

i know in adobe illustrator “outline text” does this.

on a side note, id love to play with solid works but i am not going to spend 5000 dollars to spend another 1200 a year. they wont even let me try it because they know that im not going to pay for it since i am not going to use it commercially.

To let the developers know about bugs, you can create a GitHub issue here:


I can confirm this behavior.
Created an SVG in 4 different ways.
All have “weird” and “wrong” whitespace in the edit mode.
When you click on the “process” button the widths seem fine.


Confirming same issue. I don’t recall this happening in earlier versions of luban.