Taking 6+ minutes to load SVG on 1.6.1

I have a .svg of San Francisco. It takes me about 6 minutes to load the svg file on 1.6.1

Checking ‘optimize path’ leaves me at Generating tool path... 0.0% for several minutes before I get an error about server problems. This did not used to take such a long time on V1.3

The file is attached below (you may have to open the file in new tab and save). Does anyone have similar problems with this file?

Edit: Tried on V3.5 and it also took similar amount of time. Went to V3.2 and it took 2.26 SECONDS. That is a huge difference from 6 MINUTES.

San Francisco - Condensed

This image is too complex and Snapmaker Luban fails to parse it.

It works somehow in Snapmaker Luban3.6.1. There seems to be a bug and I have forwarded to the software engineer.

Bug has been fixed in Snapmaker Luban 3.7.0, and you can load the .svg file in one second.

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I tried 3.7.0 beta 1 and 2 and it still takes 6 minutes to load. Are you talking about a different version of 3.7.0 not released to public?

Hi Bijan;
I would be interested to know how your .svg file was created. I use several software applications for handling graphic design. Even at relatively low magnifications, the file looks to be odd. Here is a .jpeg snapshot of the file in one particularly capable vector image editor which I use. The screenshot is at a magnification of just over 1500% and any vector image should hold up to scrutiny at 8 or 10,000% magnification. Your file follows:

The red rings denote areas of the file which may prove difficult to parse and it is these areas which may contribute to very long loading times for this particular file. It loaded in my image editor instantly but took a very long time in Luban. I would possibly try and run the file through an image editing suite with well established and known credentials.

I have also an .svg file of a guilloche pattern that I examined at 8000% magnification and did not see any of the artifacts that are very clear in the file you which you so kindly provided and I sectioned for illustrating the point. Anyway, these are just some thoughts which may assist you in future. I have not yet tried Luban 3.7.0 so I can only go by what I am seeing in 3.6.1, which did not manage to load your file in a timely manner.

guilloche 1

The file was created from https://anvaka.github.io/city-roads/ however I used Illustrator to remove some of the parts of San Francisco that stick out.

OK, thanks for the information Bijan. I specified my own town and it was created by the software rapidly. It loaded into Luban without any delay and I saw very few artifacts in the file which was generated. I have no answers for you as to why the map of 'Frisco would take so much time. Illustrator is a long standing and known software, which I know very well, and it is unlikely that it introduced any issues in a vector image.

Loading SF into Luban >= 3.5.0 (even 3.7.0beta2) takes ~6 minutes. Doing Optimize Path on this file either:

  1. crashes the server after ~10 minutes, OR
  2. Says it completed but won’t let me click ‘generate output’, OR
  3. Looks like it was performed successfully but outputting to file shows zero difference in a non-optimized file.

We are planning on releasing the Snapmaker Luban 3.7.0 this week. The bug will be fixed in the new version.

I can confirm V3.7.0beta3 fixed the issue of loading however checking Optimize Path is still giving server problems


Just an FYI 3.7.0 stable version fixed the loading time issue and even when I check ‘Optimize Path’ it works quick but generating the optimized Gcode and exporting to Workspace/file does not show any optimization.