Table floating measurements

I decided to measure how much is my A350 machine table floating… i used the grade B
gage block set

for dose who not sure what is that mean, grade B is excepted all over the world as accurate measurement for most organizations
like automotive, moulding, medical, etc by ISO, QC and such…

grade A and AA would be used by military, nasa etc… but we don’t build space ships here :joy:
so i measured the left and right side, the front, central and back …

and that’s the result i got

to me it is a lot of floating…
but it could be normal…
my question is… it is normal?
I only have imperial gage block set… so… 0.001”=0.0254mm

the reason i start measuring is, because i wanna build a rail system under the carriage
My worries is if put a rail system and it’s forces this floating to go even, it may gets to much for the motor. is it?

I just find the only GD&T reference on line about the A350 carriage…

the flatness shows 0.15mm (0.0059”) is this for each side? or between top and bottom from centre of carriage? or from front to back?

it doesnt sound further off than anyone elses is unfortunately.

Several members have machined replacement bases that are flat, should not be much of a problem afaik.

I personally just went with a glass bed since i havent really toyed with the cnc or laser at this point.

  1. cast base is a poor reference for true flat

  2. yes, looks out of tolerance. Frankly your options are
    a) accept it
    b) beg support for replacement, this is the option I went with: the replacement is just as wonky, so I’d recommend against it as a permanent fix except it allows for c) with less risk
    c) machine it flat (less risky when you have a backup)
    d) shim with rails like some others have done

If you’d like to relive me losing my mind:

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thx guys… that actually make feel better… now i know that this is the normal of this machines and not only mine is one of the kind… i now gonna design the real system, to improve the floating… and i hope that will fix my tool stalling tooo​:thinking::pray::+1: