[Summary] Problems with bigger prints / uneven beds

I just want to make a summary thread of people having trouble printing bigger parts (especially on the A350).

I also found an old video from the live stream. There, the snapmaker had an alu plate. What happend with this @staff ?
This is the better solution IMO.

With the current carriage there is no way to print bigger parts reliable.
Is there any official feedback about this problem? At the moment, the 3D printer is not working as advertised and expected.

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I’m seeing some inconsistent leveling on larger prints too. Like others, the front of the plat seems slightly higher than the mid and rear. Mine seems off by .1mm or so from front to back. Have tried auto-leveling on heated bed. Manual Z-adjustment helps, but still having to split the difference front-to-back.

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I‘m not sure if it‘s the new firmware or the custom printing plate, however this looks good now.

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@AndreasR did you add something rigid to the build plate? Or is that some kind of release layer?

I continue to use the Snapmaker provided magnetic release layer on my A350. I have it working for large prints, but I can only get it to work with manual leveling and it is still inconsistent. Often my first layer is over extruded in some areas and under extruded in others. I attribute this to a non-flat build plate.

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I purchased a new textured print steel plate. With this plate the auto calibration worked perfectly. This let me assume that the original magnetic bed has an uneven metal layer inside. Moreover the bed carriage is not perfectly plain, too. Those two problems made it impossible for me to print a good first layer. This is what I did to get it working.

  1. I made a manual calibration 5x5 with the original magnetic plate.
  2. I wrote down each value for the calibration (the height in mm I needed to go down)
  3. I print several 0.1mm washer and put underneath the points were the value was higher as the average
  4. put on the new printing plate and performed the auto calibration again.

Result are now almost perfect.

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Maybe Snapmaker should send us all a free textured steel bed so we finally have a working autolevelling bed as advertised.


In my opinion the complete carriage has to be replaced. But replacing the magnetic bed with a steel plate would be a start.

In the live stream they used an aluminum plate. I think this is the better choice.

@AndreasR can you please let me know where you purchased the new plate from. Does automatic calibration work?

I purchased it from AliExpress.

At the moment there is no perfect fitting plate for the A350. So I purchased the 330x330.

Yes, auto calibration is working for me with this plate.