Symptoms of a weak power supply

  1. Print stops for no reason.
  2. Laser stops for no reason.
  3. Prints take significant more time than the software estimated.
  4. Layer shifts during print. (Also caused by too fast a print speed)
    These are the issues I was having. I did a voltage droop test with the machine running and it was down to 22.6 volts.
    I replaced my power supply (after spending $94 on a new controller that I didn’t need) with a 24v/6.5a Meanwell power supply from Amazon for $18.
    Tested the new power supply. Have 24.2v loaded. Used an amp clamp and a kill-o-watts meter to test amp draw. At times the machine was pulling 118w (4.9a) That’s basically the rated maximum capacity of the original power supply. So the power supply that came with the machine was woefully inadequate to start with. Not to mention that it was of poor quality to boot.
    I hope this helps anyone else suffering from these issues.
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How many linear modules stopped when the machine froze?

Please dismantle the wire end of the linear module and check if the silicone pad is there. Or it may be inside.

Please be careful that do not pull out the end too much in case that the wire of the limit switch will be affected.

If there is no silicone pad, we need to send you a new linear module for the replacement.

Hi Edwin,
I don’t have those blue pads in any of my modules. Is that what is causing my issues? I just had a failed print again this morning.

Hi @Thick8

Sorry for the late reply.

I am sorry that I did not realize that you own a Snapmaker Original machine, and there is no silicone pad inside the linear module.

The silicone pad can be found in the linear module of Snapmaker 2.0.

If your machine always stops working for no reason, I think you need to clear the port 1 in the controller and the tool head cables with alcohol-based cleaners as I think the poor connection might be the cause.