Snapmaker Original - Power Supply Issue / Question / Odd behavior

I lost/misplaced the Snapmaker Original’s power cord because I replaced it with a SM2.0 that I’ve been using instead. Now I’m trying to sell the original so I was going to do a test print.

I found some power cords that fit and then also ordered this one on Amazon ( and all are causing the same strange behavior (below). I can say the other 2 cords that I tried using were < 8A unlike the one that I bought.

The unit powers up fine with any of the cords. When I try to bring the 3D print module to 200 degrees to change the filament, it starts heating up and gets to 85 degrees (the highest was with the new cord) and then the target temperature (previously set to 200) goes to 0 and the touch pad becomes unresponsive.

I then have to power down the machine to try again and the behavior continues consistently.

Question 1: is the cord that I purchased somehow “wrong” for the Snapmaker?

Question 2: If there is a better adapter to buy (US) is there a link for that?

I did see the prior post on this topic and tried looking for the adapter mentioned there but it is not in stock and I thought that the one I bought was equivalent if not a little better (than the 5A at least)

Question 3: Is the behavior I described due to the power cord or is this some other problem with the SM Original?

Thank you.

My Original power supply is from LYD Lianyunda, Model LYD2405000.
Input: 100-240V ~2.5A 50/60Hz
Output: 24V DC 5A
Which is 120W

The one you linked to is a 12V DC 8A Output, for a total of 96W.

It does sound like you’re under-voltaging the unit. Someone else here tried to use a 10V supply, and had similar issues.

I didn’t find that model number on Amazon, but I did find it on Alibaba: 24v 5a Ac Dc Desktop Power Adapter 120w Switching Power Supply Li-on Lead Acid Battery Charger - Buy Ul Ce Fcc Kc Pse Saa Approved 24v 5a 120w Desktop Ac Power Supply Adapter Battery Charger,Class 2 Power Supply Input 100v-240v Ac To 24v 5a Dc Power Adapter,Led Strip Cctv Camera Lcd Monitor Massage Chair Air Purifier Coffee Grinder Product on The video looks like my power brick.

If you’ve got a v2, what are the specs on it’s power supplies? I’ve wondered if a v2 power supply is backwards compatible with an Original.

After getting your initial response, I found this one on Amazon which is 120W (

However, when I tried it out, the temperature went a little higher but then crapped out again.

Re: Using SM2’s power cord
Wow, duh. Not sure why I didn’t even think of it. I’m going to try it now on the v1 to see if it powers up and gets to temperature. If it doesn’t, then there’s likely something else at play.

@clewis turns out the SM2 power cord/setup is a completely different connector so I can’t use that as a proxy. Sigh.